Photo: Daryl Spencer

The Parish Council is composed of volunteer councillors who work to benefit the local community.

Contact the Parish Council

You can contact councillors regarding specific council business through the parish clerk, Mrs Julie Hogg.

Contact by email

You can contact them by emailing

Emails will be forwarded as appropriate.

Contact by phone

The clerk can be contacted on 07847 201 700

Contact via facebook

Facebook can be used to stay abreast of local issues and to raise queries which may be referred to the next council meeting.

Council Members

Council Leaders

Clerk: Mrs Julie Hogg

Email: or Tel: 07484 201 700

Chair: Mr D G Richardson

Vice-Chair: Mr D J Richardson


Mr C Dodd

Ms L John-Tait​

​Mr J Porter

Mr K Richardson

Mr D Spencer

All councillors can be contacted via the Clerk, who will forward any queries to any named councillor. If you are unsure of who to contact, the Clerk will forward your query to the most appropriate council member.